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A video by: Brandon Galosi and Scott Marceau.

Filmed by: Brandon Galosi

Edited by: Scott Marceau

Full length parts from: Kyle Murway, Troy Tunney, Brandon Galosi, Scotty Wemmer, Scott Marceau, Torey Kish, and Ryan Howard.

Guest Appearances: Jason White, Bobby Simmons, Matt Skaggs, Rickey Woodruff, Gremlin, Troy Merkle, Joss Fenn, Mike Kirkby, Craig Passero, Russ Barone, Ratkid, Blackman, Tyrone Williams, E-whip, Joof, Mike Rose, Nick Seabasty, Zach Sky, Abdul, Fofanah, and Jake Frost.

Run time approx: 45 mins.

*Includes two hour bonus section.

letterpressed packaging by The Cranky Pressmen in Salem, Ohio.