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Rodi Connect® & ALYK.™ Cotton Twill Jacket - Digital Desert Camo


Another long awaited collaboration finally seeing the light of day. Rodi Connect® is a mainstay for the Tokyo, Japan BMX scene. They hoist the scene on their back — always striving for better. Act Like You Know.™ is a bunch of BMX riding/graffiti spraying fools. Together we decided to produce a jacket. We think it came out pretty good.

Domestics® specializes in focusing on manufacturing hand sewn quality goods – focusing on quality and the attention to detail piece by piece.

The jacket is based off a New Jersey train conductor jacket. We extended the length so it doesn't give you midriff during physical activity.

Silk screened oval logo on the back.

Digital desert camo made of dead stock fabric found on some shelves at Domestics®.

Hand sewn individually in New Jersey.